SIM Cards for M2M

Did You Know?
Reading SimService’s SIM cards with a barcode scanner is quick and easy. It enables you to be accurate and permits a faster and easier activation/recording of SIM cards.

SIM Card Supply and Logistics

SimService delivers M2M SIM cards specially designed to meet the needs for simple and efficient logistics management.

The SIM cards come with deactivated PIN and PUK codes and have no superfluous packaging.

They are available in multiple form factors (Chip and Embedded SIMs) and are given in stock for free.

SimService’s SIM cards have barcodes containing SIM and GSM numbers.

Simkort fra SimService, så er dine nyttige oplysninger altid ved hånden

The numbers are printed on the plastic body surrounding your SIM card as well as on the little chip.

Management of SIM Cards and Communication

Our online administration tool gives you a complete real-time overview, showing you in which device a SIM card is mounted. The tool also allows you to administer your own stock of SIM cards and to activate SIM cards online. You, so to speak, act as your own telecom operator.