Making a Difference

As an operator, SimService is providing more than just a SIM card and a connection.

At SimService, we connect all types of devices in a way that efficiently and safely brings value to you. We provide you with a complete M2M solution backed with expertise and support, extending over the entire project lifecycle.

Central to all our solutions is our in-house developed M2M online tool, which brings management of M2M SIM cards and subscriptions to a new level.

Complete Solution 

Our solution includes:

  • access to our special designed M2M platform, which gives you a single point of entry for administering the solution and a complete real-time overview that enables you to identify SIM cards and devices
  • consumption control and alarms
  • traffic reports and analysis
  • our API, which is incredibly easy to use and can be fully integrated into own back-end systems

Best for M2M

Bringing new levels of flexibility and ease of deployment for M2M solutions, SimService is your operator for M2M.