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M2M solutions provide us with endless opportunities to improve our world and create new, sustainable solutions for a better future.

Strong Expertise

At SimService, we have had great success in guiding enterprises and organizations through the complexity of the M2M ecosystem.

Our success comes from years of hands-on experience and a strong network of global partners.

We are a dedicated team of professionals delivering communication solutions and comprehensive consulting services within the field of M2M.

Solutions Tailored for Your Industry and Company's Needs

On the following pages, you can read about SimService’s solutions for vertical industries and how these industries already are benefiting and changing, thanks to M2M.

What is Machine-to-Machine (M2M)? 
In simple terms, M2M is about enabling machines in a wireless or wired system to communicate with other machines of the same ability.

As an important enabling technology for the Internet of Things, M2M is seen as a driving force of a near future where billions of everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet in order to be smarter and more efficient.