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With the ever-increasing concerns around Coronavirus (Covid-19), our top priority at SimService is the health and safety of our staff and customers.

Firstly, it’s important to note that we are currently operating business as usual – customer support hours and connectivity services remain unaffected as we stand today.

If our government advice changes and we are impacted in some way, we have robust contingency plans and a dedicated team who are responsible for monitoring the situation and implementing the plans as necessary. We have remote working capabilities in place for our staff, which will help to maintain the continuity of the services that we deliver.

In these unusual circumstances, we would ask for your understanding if requests take longer than normal to complete.

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SimService A/S – Your M2M and IoT operator for management and monitoring

At SimService A/S, we offer:

  • Mobile connections and services to the M2M and IoT market
  • One point of contact across all networks
  • Customised subscriptions, adapted to any needs, locally and globally
  • Month- and/or year subscriptions, with or without static IP
  • A secure network
  • User-friendly platforms specially developed for online administration of subscriptions and SIM cards
  • A wealth of insight gained from many years of experience within the M2M & IoT market

About SimService A/S
SimService is a provider of mobile data connections and services, exclusively targeting M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. We have offered safe and reliable connections, easy setup and flexible administration of devices since 2006, and have become a reputed and respected operator and services frontrunner in the M2M and IOT market.

Today, through extensive technical experience and long-standing competencies, SimService is also a leading operator and service provider in the Nordic region.

Connection and communication between a number of devices, often referred to as M2M, has laid the foundation for the rapidly growing market for multi-connection of intelligent devices, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, M2M and IoT have become a major part of everyday life at home and in day-to-day operations across almost all industries.

Through innovation and cooperation with manufacturers, distributors, dealers and customers throughout the world, SimService has developed a unique administrative platform and flexible business model that provide proven security and competitive advantages for our customers, and their customers in turn. We are inspiring businesses to create value through innovative utilisation of mobile technology, in products, processes and environments.

SimService was founded in 2006 by Kim Kvist Wiig and Steen Gregersen and became part of the Wireless Logic Group in 2015, one of the leading European managed services provider within M2M & IOT. SimService part of Wireless Logic is always at the forefront of technological development and has extensive technical experience and long-standing competencies within M2M & IOT.

Our vision
Push boundaries while the market evolves - within IoT / M2M-managed services - to simplify connectivity and provide end-users with the easiest access to the mobile network.

Our Mission
We are actively working to help and inspire businesses and government to create value through innovative utilization of mobile technology in products, processes and environments. Our goal is to promote companies' use of IoT & M2M communications solutions - so they can create increased competitive advantages and better experiences for their customers.

Wireless Logic
Wireless Logic Group is one of Europe’s leading M2M & IoT connectivity platform provider. They deliver a one-stop solution combining secure infrastructure, resilient management platforms and multiple network connectivity. Their connectivity choices span multiple bearer services and local and global providers. They focus on a number of key market segments delivering complete M2M/IoT managed services across both mobile, satellite, low power wireless networks, and fixed line solutions.

In just 16 years, they have created a business model that sits Wireless Logic’s proposition firmly alongside the Mobile Networks. SIM-Pro, Net-Pro and Bill-Pro is the multiple layers of specialised services, complement the basic connectivity of a SIM giving customers a tailored, fully managed and highly competitive window to their device and asset bases.

European business presence is giving customers a seamless managed service, regardless of location or size of subscriptions.

Wireless Logic
Learn more about Wireless Logic on their website.

Wireless Logic Organisation
Wireless Logic’s European Head Office is located in Hurley, Berkshire. From here, business development, customer account management, technology, R&D and the main directorate are based. Secure off-site Data Centres are co-located in London – ‘London1’ and ‘London2’.

The group has four country offices located in Aix-en-Provence, France, Grassbrunn, Germany, Vizcaya, Spain and Køge, Denmark.

Wireless Logic Group Group Head Office is based in Hurley, UK.

Offices in Europe with sales, business developement, support and technical support:

UK Wireless Logic, Hurley
France Wireless Logic, Aix-en-Provence
Germany Wireless Logic, Grassbrunn & Hamburg
Germany Mdex, Tangstedt
Spain Wireless Logic, Vizcaya
Denmark SimService A/S, Køge
Developement teams in Europe:
UK, Dennmark and Poland.

IoT & M2M solutions

Kom godt igang

I fanen IoT og M2M områder kan du få mere information om hvilke primære områder Hvor der bruges SIM-kort.

Et SIM-kort indeholder et abonnement inkl. services.

Stor ekspertise
SimService har med stor succes hjulpet virksomheder og organisationer med at navigere på det komplekse og voksende globale M2M-marked.

Vi kan – i kraft af vores mangeårige erfaring og stærke samarbejdspartnere - levere optimale kommunikationsløsninger og rådgivning inden for M2M.

Hvad er "Machine-to-Machine" (M2M)?
M2M handler kort og godt om kommunikation mellem maskiner. Teknologien omtales også som tingenes internet (”Internet of Things”) og er en del af en ny verden, hvor maskiner og traditionelle hverdagsting opkobles til internettet og bliver intelligente. Anvendelsesmulighederne er uendelige.
SIM Cards

We offer the following quality SIM cards to get your devices online, all of which can withstand high temperature fluctuations.

SIM Cards to M2M
We provide a range of SIM card options, from plug-in SIM cards to embedded SIMs with deactivated PIN and PUK codes, all without unnecessary packaging. You receive your own SIM card stock and only start paying subscription charges once the SIM card is activated.

Did you know?
A SIM card from SimService is always provided with a barcode containing a phone number and a SIM card number. This enables you to read and register the card with a barcode scanner.

With a SIM card from SimService, your information is always at hand.The numbers are printed on both the SIM card's plastic body and the small chip.

By using SimService’s online SIM platform, you can manage your own SIM cards. The system allows you to enable and control which SIM cards are in which devices. Supplemented with other practical administration features you will almost become your own operator.

SIM Card types

Standard (2FF)
older M2M units.

Type Dimensions
Standard 25 x 15 x 0,76 mm.
3 in 1 (Standard, Micro, Nano)
Suitable for M2M solutions in different type of units.

Type Dimensions
Standard 25 x 15 x 0,76 mm.
Micro 15 x 12 x 0,76 mm.
Nano 12,3 x 8,8 x 0,76 mm.
Embedded SIM Card (QFN8)
For fastening in IoT & M2M units.

Type Dimensions
Embedded (QFN8) 6 x 5 x 1 mm.

A world of opportunities

M2M technology offers countless opportunities for retrieving data that can help to optimise and increase profitability and efficiency. Additionally, this technology enables communication between devices to device – without human intervention.


SIMSecure offers two types of subscription that can be combined with different services. The SimService sales team can help you assemble together a package which suits your needs.

M2M Monthly Subscription

Subscription: Monthly
Data: Consumption settlement/usage packages
Roaming/abroad: Optional
SMS: Consumption settlement/usage packages
CSD/Voice: Consumption settlement/usage packages
APN Internet (default), Public IP (IPV4) and M2M SimSecure can be purchased.

M2M Yearly Subscription

Subscription: Yearly
Data: Consumption Settlement/usage packages
Roaming/abroad: Optional
SMS: Consumption Settlement/usage packages
CSD/voice: Consumption Settlement/usage packages
APN Internet (default), Public IP (IPV4) and M2M SimSecure can be purchased.

SIMSecure offers following services to the SIM cards.

Simply click on the icons to get more information about our core areas of service.


We make a difference

SimService is more than just a M2M and IoT operator.

By running the communication, implementation and monitoring process of your chosen M2M solution, we create value and safety for our customers.

To support our customers’ business, we have developed unique platforms of online tools that enable streamlining of the administration process through 24-hour online access to each subscription and individual SIM card.

Simply click on the icons to get more information about the different platforms.


IP addressing and APN
SimService offers IP addressing on several levels. The IP addressing is controlled by an APN (Access Point Name) and we offer three variations of APN which can all be used globally.

Simply click on the icons to get more information about the different types of APN.



Learn more about operating and coverage within the following zones and download the pricing structure for each zone.

Download Coverage List.

SimService Coverage Map


Find answers to frequently asked questions by clicking on the individual products and services tabs below.

SimService support

If you can’t find answers to your questions online, Call: Monday to Thursdays from 08:00 AM to 16:00 PM, CET.
Friday from 08:00 AM to 15:00 PM, CET.

+45 7022 2045

Please have the following to hand when you contact us:

Enquiries regarding SIM card, network or coverage:
  • MSISDN/ Mobile number of the SIM card
  • Information about the geographic location of the device.
Enquiries regarding invoices and payments.
  • CVR/VAT number/ Contract number
  • Invoice ID


Does SimService support MMS?

Answer: No, SimService does not support MMS.

Does my SIM card have a PIN code?

Answer: No, SimService SIM cards do not use PIN-codes.

Is SimService able to re-activate a cancelled SIM card?

Answer: Yes, providing you contact us within 30 days of the cancellation date

Do SimService SIM cards support 4G?

Answer: Yes, we support 4G on our SIM cards, across TDC and Telenor networks

Which kind of networking technologies does SimService support?

Answer: We support 2G, 3G and 4G, using Telenor and TDC networks.

Which kind of data consumptions technologies do SimService cards support?


What is CSD and HSCSD?

Answer: Circuit Switched Data and High-Speed Circuit Switched Data are data calls made on voice channels on a mobile network. Speeds e.g. 9600bps (CSD) or 14400bps (HSCSD).

What is GRPS?

Answer: General Packet Radio Service is IP data communication in a 2G mobile network. Speed about 20-50 Kbit / s. Speeds are ‘best effort".

What is EGPRS?

Answer: Enhanced General Packet Radio Service is IP data communication in a 2G mobile network. Speed about 40-200 Kbit / s. Speeds are "best effort’.

What is HSDPA and HSDPA+?

Answer: High Speed Downlink Packet Access is IP data communication in a 3G mobile network. Speed up to 337.5 Mbit / s. Speeds are ‘best effort’.

What is LTE and LTE+?

Answer: Long Term Evolution is IP data communication in a 4G mobile network. Speeds up to 1 Gbit / s. Speeds are ‘best effort’.

In which countries can I use my SimService card?

Answer: You can use your card all over the world.

Which SMS messenger centre number must be used?

Answer: SimService SIM cards using Telenor's network should call +45 40590000SIM card on TDC network should call +45 40390900.

Operational information

How good is your coverage?
We offer SIM cards that use Telenor or TDC networks.

You can see their coverage here: Link to Telenor cover cards and TDC cover cards.

Telenor coverage map (DK)

TDC coverage map (DK)
Can I test if my SIM card is on the network?
Answer: Yes, you can send a regular SMS to your device. Please follow the instructions below.

SMS Network Description
*k# Telenor Send the SMS text to your SIM card number, after which you will receive a reply *.
*0# TDC Send the SMS text to your SIM card number, after which you will receive a reply *.
* If you receive a message return, which says "message attempted delivered," the device is not connected to the network.If you receive a message return which says "message delivered", the device is connected to the network

Secure network and APN possibilities

APN and secure network

APN stands for Access Point Name. Mobile Internet users and M2M devices on GSM networks require an access point (APN) to access the Internet. By default, SimService Internet offers APN, one-way communication from your M2M device to your backend system. You can also choose M2M public IP (IPV4). This solution is an open connection to the Internet, which should be secured. If you want increased security, consider the M2M SimSecure option, which uses a closed network.

Hvilket APN skal jeg bruge?
Svar: Standard APN hedder internet for både TDC og Telenor. APN anvendes kun, hvis SIM-kort er en del af et lukket netværk. APN anvendes, hvis du har statisk IP på dit SIM-kort.
Does SimService provide Static IP address?
Answer: Yes, SimService offers static IP.

SimService offers IP addressing controlled by the APN on many levels. The typical solution for M2M devices is a one-way communication on the Internet. All SimService APNs can be used globally.By configuring devices with APN = Internet, it can access IP addresses and URLs on the Internet. The Internet APN allows one-way communication only, so the device can’t be accessed using the Internet APN directly from the Internet.


What is M2M?Communication between machines, also called M2M, is the foundation of a rapidly growing market for multi-interconnection of intelligent devices, also known as IoT. It is the concept of connecting devices (i.e., a ‘thing’) to the Internet or to each other, with the purpose of letting them talk together, listen and / or perform tasks. This includes everything from phones, coffee machines, washing machines, headphones, and lamps.

IoT Dictionary - The ‘Smart’ expressions

Did you know?

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